Some big news here at Octopus Choice. Our users have now invested a total of £200 million on the platform. An increase of over 50% since the start of the year.

"It shows that there really is a big demand out there for straightforward and simple investment solutions, giving everyday investors an alternative way to invest their money. It's great to be at the forefront of that,” said Sam Handfield-Jones, Head of Octopus Choice.

“And we built Octopus Choice to be flexible, too. Since launching a little over two years ago, we’ve had £40 million successfully withdrawn – although, of course, this is no guarantee of future performance.”

There’s been a particularly big jump in the amount of direct investors looking to put their money to work with Octopus Choice. Whether it’s to provide an income in retirement, or to diversify an investment portfolio away from stocks and shares, there’s plenty of reasons investors choose us. Check out our Stories page to find out what our investors are saying about us.

The team also launched a mobile app earlier this year, and enabled investors to transfer their existing ISAs into their Octopus Choice ISA account. All of which has helped make the investing experience easier than ever for our users.

Of course, remember that the Octopus Choice ISA isn't a flexible ISA. Any withdrawals that you make from this year's money will still count towards your ISA allowance. Tax treatment is subject to change and depends on individual circumstances.

“It means a lot that we’ve managed to reach this milestone," Sam said.

"We’d like to say a huge thank you to all our investors and loyal advisers for their support.”

Remember, Octopus Choice places investors’ capital at risk. It’s important you are comfortable with this and know that instant access to your money isn’t guaranteed.